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About Us

LA Top Microblading believes in a collaborative process where our artists offer their professional expertise at every level. We believe the client should have a clear vision of the direction the finished product is going prior to beginning.

We provide a full shaping consultation where we address all questions, concerns, and goals – we then use that information to construct a customized shape based on what is achievable and complimentary to their facial structure. The shape must be finalized and approved by the client before we are permitted to begin the process of Microblading. 

Once the shape has been approved and we've applied the first pass of microbladed strokes to the eyebrow we then allow the client to make a final assessment on the direction its going so that we can make any necessary adjustments while the opportunity exists. We value the clients opinion and believe the most satisfying outcomes are achieved through a guided process that ensures the expectations of the client are met.

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